Issue 10: U.S./China Exchange, Odum Tribute, Smithsonian Research, Harvard Forest site, Hubbard Brook site, Data management, GPS workshop, Publications, Calendar

Issue 9: Arctic site, All Scientists Meeting, Calendar, LTERNET Expansion, New RS/GIS Laboratory, Publications

Issue 8: All Scientists Meeting, H.J. Andrews site, North Temperate Lakes, Sevilleta site, LMER Program, Publications

Issue 7: Global Change, Coweeta site, Niwot Ridge site, Jornada site, Intersite Research, Publications, Calendar

Issue 6: Intersite Models, Central Plains site, Hubbard Brook site, W.K. Kellogg site, New Mexico Field Trips, Calendar

Issue 5: Developing A Functional LTER Network, News From Three of the LTER Sites, Arctic Tundra, Virginia Coast Reserve, Bonanza Creek, ENSO and Climate – 1989, Upcoming Workshop o

Issue 4: Luquillo Experimental Forest LTER Site, Sevilleta LTER Site, Harvard Forest LTER Site, H.J.

Issue 3: Konza Prairie LTER, Experimental Lake Acidification at North Temperate Lakes LTER Site, Regional Modelling of Grassland Biogeochemistry, Niwot Ridge/Green Lakes Valley LTE

Issue 2: Editorial; Here We Go Again; Call for Proposals for New LTER Sites; New LTER Sites: Arctic LTER Site, Bonanza Creek LTER Site, Hubbard Brook LTER Site, Kellogg Biological

Issue 1: What is LTER?; About the Newsletter; Perspectives on LTER; News from the Sites: Cedar Creek, Central Plains, Coweeta, H.J.