Issue 20: Perspectives on the LTER Program...  Proposed LTER, LMER, and JGOFS Merger...  Caroline Bledsoe: Contributions as LTER Research Coordinator...  New Journal

Issue 19: LTER NETWORK NEWS - Newsletter of the Long-Term Ecological Research Network, Spring/Summer 1996

Issue 18: Fall/Winter 1995-6. Calendar, International News, McMurdo, National News, Palmer Station, Publications, Site News, Student News

Issue 17: Spring/Summer 1995. Color scanned at 150 dpi 1 September 2010

Issue 16: Central Plains, Coweeta, EPA Awards, Hungary, NAWQUA, NBS, RS/GIS, Publications, Calendar

Issue 15: Bonanza Creek, Cedar Creek, CO2 Workshop, LTER Bibliography, LTER in Hungary, LTER-NADA, Publications, Soils Survey, Students, TFA Study

Issue 14: LTER Ten-year Program Review... The Sustainable Biosphere Initiative... Ingrid Burke Receives NSF Award... Jerry Franklin is New ESA President...

Issue 13: What is LTER?… Perspectives on LTER… News From The Sites… CDR CPR (SGS) CWT HJA JRN KNZ Large River LTER Program NWT North Inlet NTL

Issue 12: Sustaining Freshwater Systems in a Changing World… The First Year at the LTER Network Office… The SBI Implementation Plan… The LTER Network Support System… CERN-LTER Coll

Issue 11: NSF Changes, Research in Israel, Kellogg Station, Konza Prairie, Smithsonian Research, Publications