LNO, NSF Publish New Brochures

Network News Fall 2005, Vol. 18 No. 2

The LTER Network Office recently published a revised LTER network brochure entitled Long Term Ecological Research Network: Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence in Long-Term Ecological Research, which replaces the outdated version that served the network well for over three years.

The new brochure was prompted by the need to capture the many new developments within the LTER Network in the last three years, including the addition of two new sites (California Current Ecosystem LTER and Moorea Coral Reef LTER). It provides an overview of the Network's organizational structure and features descriptions of core network components, including research activities and areas; a synopsis of site ecosystem types; information management; and education and training activities.

The National Science Foundation's LTER Program has also published a brochure entitled Translating Science for Society: Broader Impacts of NSF's Long-Term Ecological Research Program. The idea for the new brochure was seeded in the 4th NSF/LTER Mini-symposium in 2004, during which scientists and educators considered important issues in the application of LTER science to ecosystem management.

The NSF brochure was the brainchild of Henry Gholz, the LTER Program Director, who, together with his assistant, Michelle Kelleher, expanded on the symposium theme to consider a wider array of broader impacts arising from the LTER Network and connected them in a way that carries a cohesive message of why LTER science, and basic science in general, is important to the American public. It provides, in layman's terms, a contextual overview of the LTER program and highlights activities underway throughout the network that have relevance and importance to society, including applied research, education, international collaboration, and the human dimensions of LTER.

"We hope you will find these brochures to be useful tools for enhancing the public understanding of LTER science as a part of your outreach program," Gholz wrote, announcing the two publications.

You can read or download both brochures at www.lternet.edu.

For more information please contact McOwiti O. Thomas (tmcowiti@lternet.edu) at LNO or Henry Gholz (hgholz@nsf.gov) at NSF.