ILTER Network Hires New Coordinator

Network News Fall 2005, Vol. 18 No. 2

The International LTER (ILTER) network this year appointed Holly Kaufman the Executive Coordinator of the network.

Ms. Kaufman is founder and president of Environment & Enterprise Strategies (, a consultancy that specializes in the design and management of projects that integrate business, human, and environmental needs, and brings over twenty years of international environmental experience to her new position.

Kaufman has a B.S. in Conservation of Natural Resources from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, with a specialty in International Environmental and Economic Policy. She held a Presidential appointment in the U.S. Department of State in the Clinton administration, representing the United States at the United Nations Framework on Climate Change treaty negotiations. Kaufman developed and executed diplomatic strategy as a special advisor to the US Assistant Secretary of State for environment and the US Ambassador for sustainable development.

The Executive Coordinator position is a short-term consultancy that runs until Fall 2006, during which Holly and her team will be responsible for coordinating the development of strategic and fundraising plans for the organization. The plans will be developed based on discussions and interviews with the ILTER committee and regional representatives and scientists from ILTER networks. She will work closely with ILTER members from around the world to ensure that members participate fully in developing the plan, and that it reflects their needs and opinions. The draft plan will include a 10-year vision/mission statement, with 5-year goals and strategies for achieving those goals. Based on the strategic plan, Kaufman's next goal will be to develop an organizational plan that will include recommendations for the organizational structure, location, governance, staffing, and budget of the ILTER network.

Kaufman will also take responsibility for maintaining the ILTER website for the duration of the project, updating it as necessary, and using the ILTER listserve to communicate with members and solicit their feedback in the execution of this project. We very much look forward to wide participation in this important effort for the future of ILTER.

Story courtesy of ILTER