2003 LTER All Scientists Meeting - Follow-up workshops

Network News Spring 2004, Vol. 17 No. 1
Network News

More 70 scheduled and ad-hoc workshops filled the program during the September 2003 LTER All Scientists Meeting (ASM) in Seattle. Following the meeting, a call for proposals for follow-up activities to the ASM resulted in 27 requests for support. This support covers continued planning and synthesis activities. The LTER Executive Committee reviewed the proposals, and 16 were approved.

The LTER Network Office has funds allocated in its 2004-2005 budget for several additional working groups focusing on cross-site and network-level synthesis. There will be a call for new proposals distributed to the all_lter e-mail list in April 2004. Please begin thinking about ideas for synthesis projects.

Funded follow-up workshops include:

  • LTER Education Outreach Planning (McGee-LUQ) see article page 12.
  • Ecosystem Disturbance and Variance (Rusak, Fraterrigo and Turner
  • NTL, CWT)
  • Performing Network-Level Synthesis by Quantifying Ecosystem Goods and Services at LTER Sites (Wilson and Childers - BES and FCE)
  • Decline of Dominant Species due to Invasive Pests and Pathogens (Foster - HFR)
  • LTER-Based Student Research Symposium to Stimulate Cross-Site Student Lead Collaboration (Daoust and Gann, PIE and FCE)
  • N Deposition to Forested Ecosystems (Sievering - NWT)
  • Biogeochemistry of Dissolved Organic Matter in Aquatic Environments of the LTER Program (McKnight - NWT)
  • A Cross-Site Synthesis of the Long- Term Effects of Land Use History on Carbon and Water Balance (Gragson - CWT)
  • Species Richness in Space and Time (Lauenroth - SGS)
  • Wireless Sensor Array Workshop (Porter and Arzberger, VCR and SDSC/ UCSD)
  • Distribution, Abundance and Dynamics of Stream Macro-invertebrates (Gibson, Whiles and Collins - SEV and KNZ) see article, pg. 10.
  • LTER Extreme Events Working Group [Goodin (KNZ), Brazel (CAP), Fountain (MCM), Hadley (HFR), Juday (BNZ), Kloeppel (CWT), Losleben (NWT), Lyons (MCM), Moore (SEV)]
  • Biodiversity of Riparian Ecotones (Li - AND)
  • Litter Decomposition Synthesis (Gonzalez - LUQ)
  • Functional Response to Resource Change across LTER sites [Suding (NWT), Clark (CDR), Collins (SEV and KNZ), Gough (ARC), Gross (KBS), Milchunas (SGS), Pennings (GCE)]
  • Assessing Needs for a Large-Scale Cross-Site Synthetic Effort to Characterize the Controls on Nitrogen Transport through Streams and Rivers (Dodds - KNZ)

Further information regarding the workshops held during the LTER ASM meeting and follow-up reports can be found at: http://www.lternet.edu/asm/2003/workshops/workshop_reports