Baltimore Celebrates Ecosystem Day

Network News Fall 2004, Vol. 17 No. 2
News Briefs

October 20, 2004 was Baltimore Ecosystem Day. The mayor of Baltimore, Martin O’Malley, issued a proclamation to that effect and urged Baltimore citizens to join in celebrating the day, noting that the people of Baltimore valued their natural ecosystem and its importance to the physical, social and economic health of their neighborhoods.

Mayor O’Malley noted that neighborhood residents and community groups throughout the city had contributed their knowledge, skills and labor to improve their neighborhoods through tree planting projects, community gardens and parks, and beautification and education projects with the support from the Parks & People Community Grants program.

The proclamation singled out the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) and the U.S. Forest Service for praise, observing that they had “conducted groundbreaking research on the urban ecosystem in Baltimore City, making significant contributions to our understanding of Baltimore’s urban ecosystem to improve how we manage, conserve and restore our natural environment, and supporting restoration of our ecosystem through the Revitalizing Baltimore program.”

The mayor’s proclamation further noted that BES had received renewed funding from for an additional six years to conduct research and education projects that will continue to improve our understanding of Baltimore’s urban ecosystem. “We recognize our Community Stewards and the scientists and educators of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study and the U.S. Forest Service for their outstanding contributions in working to improve the quality of life for the Baltimore community,” he wrote.