Network News Fall 2004, Vol. 17 No. 2

This issue of the network newsletter introduces a new format for communicating information to LTER scientists, students, and colleagues. Based on comments from readers of the newsletter, we have decided to emphasize the communication of newsworthy activities while continuing to provide summaries of important scientific results. Under the new format, the printed version of the newsletter will include stories that are shorter and more focused on important LTER accomplishments. These stories will provide links to other documents that expand and provide more detail on LTER activities. The new format will provide us with the opportunity to improve the appearance of the newsletter by expanding margins, adding graphical material, and making the text easier to read. Most of the present features of the newsletter, including editorials, scientific articles, informational pieces, calendar items, and significant new LTER publications, will be preserved under the new format.

The electronic version of the newsletter will also undergo changes to permit expanded use of Web technology. The electronic edition will consist of headlines and short summaries linked to full stories available on the LTER web page.  This approach will allow us to increase the frequency of the electronic version of the newsletter to quarterly and also provide us with the capability of issuing special editions to communicate important activities and events to LTER scientists.

We believe that this new approach will make information more accessible to LTER sites and scientists, and will allow us to communicate important news to the LTER community in a timelier manner. We welcome comments and suggestions from our readers that will lead to additional improvements in the newsletter.

Bob Waide, Executive Director, LTER Network Office