EcoTrends update

Network News Spring 2010, Vol. 23 No. 1
Network News

The EcoTrends Project continues to make progress in aggregating long-term datasets from all 26 United States Long Term Ecological Research sites and an additional 24 U.S. research sites into a common framework for publication and access.

The book, "Long-term trends in ecological systems: a basis for understanding responses to global change," was edited by both LTER and federal scientists from nine sites and the LTER Network Office:

  • Deb Peters (JRN, USDA ARS)
  • Christine Laney (JRN, USDA ARS)
  • Ariel Lugo (LUQ, USDA FS)
  • Scott Collins (SEV)
  • Charley Driscoll (HBR)
  • Peter Groffman (BES)
  • Morgan Grove (BES)
  • Alan Knapp (SGS, KNZ)
  • Tim Kratz (NTL)
  • Mark Ohman (CCE)
  • Bob Waide (LNO, LUQ)
  • Jin Yao (JRN, USDA ARS)

The EcoTrends book consists of five parts:

  1. Eight chapters illustrating the importance of long-term data in addressing cross-site science questions
  2. Four chapters showing maps of trends in different types of drivers or ecosystem responses (climate, precipitation and stream water chemistry, human demography and economy, plant and animal production, abundance, and richness)
  3. Three chapters on recommendations for future cross-site projects based on the history of EcoTrends
  4. Site descriptions 
  5. Appendices of data and regression coefficients

A subset of these figures and maps is currently available on the EcoTrends web site ( The book was revised following external review, and then submitted in May, 2010 to the USDA publisher for design, layout, and printing, with an expected publication date in late 2010 or early 2011.

Late Breaking News

"Long Term Trends in Ecological Systems: a basis for understanding responses to global change" was submitted to the USDA publisher in late June after final formatting (in manuscript form), data cleaning, and author/photographer permission issues were resolved.

The USDA publishing office will work on the design and layout of the book followed by final review and edits by authors with publication expected in early 2011