Chile to host first All-Scientists LTER Meeting of the Americas

Network News Summer 2014, Vol. 27 No. 2

The International Long Term Ecological Research  (ILTER) Network is set to hold the first All-Scientists Meeting (ASM) of the Americas in Valdivia, Chile, December 1-3, 2014, in conjunction with the annual ILTER meeting.  The ASM aims to promote North/ Central / South American partnerships in long-term ecological research, and the program includes sessions on 1) Temperate Forests of the Americas: Parallels and Contrasts, 2) Socio-ecological Research in Marine Ecosystems, 3) Earth Stewardship, Science and Policy, and 4) Long Term Socioecological Research Experiences from Around the World. All interested LTER researchers, decision makers, and ecosystem managers are invited to attend. 

A “network of networks”, ILTER is dedicated to long-term site-based socio-ecological research around the globe.   Each year, ILTER members from the 38 member networks, including the US LTER, gather for the annual ILTER meeting to exchange ideas, develop collaborations, and explore ecosystems of the host country. 

The annual ILTER meeting will be held at the Senda Darwin (Darwin’s Trail) Biological Station, Chiloé Island, December 4-8, 2014. See  for details about both meetings.  

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