Harvard Forest holds Ecology Symposium

Network News Spring 2014, Vol. 27 No. 1
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The 25th annual Harvard Forest LTER/Ecology Symposium brought more than 100 researchers, students, educators, and staff to the Harvard Forest for a range of presentations by Harvard Forest staff and collaborators:

  • 20+ years of LTER data on soil microbes, organic matter dynamics, and atmospheric carbon exchange
  • 75+ years of permanent plot data on tree growth and mortality, land-use, and soils
  • improving data provenance
  • a new Schoolyard Ecology research protocol
  • post-clearcut carbon dynamics
  • the new NEON infrastructure at Harvard Forest
  • a stakeholder-driven landscape scenarios research project
  • the use of stable isotopes in carbon flux measurements

An afternoon poster session, plus a lunchtime working group on scaling up HFR’s Massachusetts land scenarios project, rounded out the day.

Talks were live-streamed, adding approximately 40 listeners to the event audience.

Recorded talks are available at http://harvardforest.fas.harvard.edu/symposium.