New editor appointed for the LTER Schoolyard Book Series

Network News Fall 2013, Vol. 26 No. 4

Amy H. Rinehart has been appointed Series Editor for the Long Term Ecological Network (LTER) Schoolyard Book Series through the National Science Foundation (NSF). The position is based at the International Artic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) headquarters at the University of Colorado-Boulder. “I’m so excited and honored to be able to devote my time and attention to continue to develop this important series of scientific children’s literature. The books are not only beautiful and engaging, but also developed with the purpose of making what the scientists are researching at the LTER sites captivating to school-age children,” says Rinehart. 

The mission of the Schoolyard Book Series is to engage children and their families in learning about the earth’s ecosystems, both locally and internationally, through narratives that reflect the dynamic research being conducted at the LTER Network sites. 

Each of the 26 LTER sites is encouraged to work with the Series Editor to develop a book idea featuring what their site is all about as a community outreach project.

The largest and longest-lived ecological network in the United States, LTER provides the scientific expertise, research platforms, and long-term datasets necessary to document and analyze environmental change. The Network brings together a multi-disciplinary group of more than 2000 scientists and graduate students. The 26 LTER sites encompass diverse ecosystems in the continental United States, Alaska, Antarctica and islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific— including deserts, estuaries, lakes, oceans, coral reefs, prairies, forests, alpine and Arctic tundra, urban areas, and production agriculture. 

There are currently six published books in the series; The Lost Seal (McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER), My Water Comes From the Rocky Mountains (Niwot Ridge LTER, Sea Secrets (Palmer Antarctica LTER), One Night in The Everglades (Florida Coastal LTER), ...And The Tide Comes In (Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER), Ellie’s Log (Andrews Forest LTER), and several more in production, including Kupe and the Corals (Moorea Coral Reef LTER) and The Wolf Tree (Hubbard Brook LTER).

Prior to taking this position, Rinehart has been with several Western publishing houses, including Geoscience Press, Roberts Rinehart Publishers, University Press of Colorado, and VeloPress. As the former owner of Moonlight Publishing, she started her association with the Schoolyard Series and has developed most of the books in the series from concept to publication. 

Taylor Trade Publishing is the publisher of the series and will continue to publish new titles under the imprint of Moonlight Publishing.