LTER in the Social Media Age

Network News Fall 2013, Vol. 26 No. 4
Network News

You are probably aware that the LTER Network has fully embraced social media through its Twitter account @USLTER and Facebook page, US Long Term Ecological Research Network (as well as various blogs as discussed in Network News Vol. 26 No. 3). Both are essential reading for keeping up on LTER and related science news. You may not be aware that several LTER sites are now on social media. While Twitter and the like have their detractors, the positive effect of the LTER presence on social media is a building of community, heightened awareness of LTER science, and sharing of research news and resources. In that spirit, here is a listing of LTER sites on Twitter and Facebook. It is no doubt incomplete, so please share updated information, including the actual name of your page or account, with McOwiti Thomas at the LTER Network Office and Marcia Nation at the Central Arizona-Phoenix (CAP) LTER site. 

If you are a social media user, please “follow” and “like” your fellow LTER sites and scientists on Twitter and Facebook, and "share" our articles with your social media followers and friends. For some LTER Facebook groups listed, you may have to apply to an administrator to join.

LTER sites on Twitter (in addition to the main Network account, @USLTER ):


@CAP LTER (@marcianation)









LTER sites on Facebook (in addition to the main Network page, US Long Term Ecological Research Network):