Andrews changes lead PIs

Network News Spring 2012, Vol. 25 No. 2
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The Andrews Forest LTER is changing leadership as Barbara Bond retires and phases out as Lead Principal Investigator (PI) after a very fruitful six-year term.

Barbara’s leadership has advanced the program’s science, strengthened the education program, and expanded connections within Oregon State University (OSU) and to communities beyond. The research that Barbara promoted on airsheds and roles of steep topography in altering geophysical and ecological effects of climate change has strongly linked traditional components of the Andrews Forest research (long-term studies of climate, watersheds, vegetation dynamics) to the most contemporary science and societal questions. We wholeheartedly thank Barb for her service to our community and wish her well as she moves on to new endeavors

A New Lead PI

We are pleased to announce that Michael P. Nelson will serve as the next Lead PI of the Andrews Forest LTER. 

Michael comes to OSU from Michigan State University and will hold the Ruth H. Spaniol Chair in Natural Resources in the Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, in addition to his role as Andrews Lead-PI. 

Michael is an environmental ethicist by training, holding a PhD in philosophy from Lancaster University in England. His research is quite broad, spanning environmental ethics, history and philosophy of ecology, social science, wildlife ecology, wilderness, American Indian environmental thought, as well as science and environmental policy.

For the past 8 years he has been a collaborator with the Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Project, the longest continuous study of a predator-prey system in the world (54 years). 

He is also the co-founder and co-director of the Conservation Ethics Group; a research, consultancy, and education group working at the intersection of ethics, ecology, social science, and policy. 

"I'm hugely excited to be able to take on this role at the Andrews Forest and with the LTER program generally," Michael says, "I'm really looking forward to working with my Andrews Forest LTER colleagues and especially working to articulate and promote the value of long-term ecological research." 

Michael will begin his new role in August. We look forward to working with him as we bid Barbara Bond a very fond farewell.