SMILE Teachers workshop

Network News Spring 2007, Vol. 20 No. 1
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The Science and Mathematics Investigative Learning Experiences (SMILE) Program of Oregon State University provides science, technology, engineering, and mathematics enrichment and mentoring to historically underserved student populations, providing support for them to pursue higher education. Through the National Science Foundation supported Schoolyard LTER program, the Andrews Forest LTER is working with the SMILE Program to bring its research and expertise to SMILE teachers. Andrews' scientists have participated in teacher workshops since 1994, providing technical expertise and talking with teachers about designing schoolyard investigations.

The SMILE Program hosted a teacher professional development workshop on the Oregon State University campus in February. Seventeen teachers from twelve school districts in Oregon attended the workshop. The goal of the workshop was to support SMILE teachers in planning activities for their after-school clubs. Some of the activities, such as those on plant physiology and bird migration, are designed specifically to model long-term data collection projects similar to those taking place at the Andrews Forest LTER. For more information, visit the SMILE website.