International LTER Interactions: Australia

Network News Fall 1995, Vol. 18 No. 1

Two representatives of the U.S. LTER Network (Rudolf Nottrott, Data and Information Manager, and John Vande Castle, Network Manager) visited the Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN) in Canberra February 10-4, 1995 and the Forestry Department of Tasmania, Hobart, February 15-17.

They met with representatives of governmental, academic and private research organizations to discuss the potential for collaborative work and, more specifically, the possible establishment of electronic communication facilities for researchers focused on long-term ecological research.

Although informal links exist, and scientists cooperate on a one-to- one basis (often via the Internet), there is no established electronic network which includes the primary functions proposed by ILTER.

Australian scientists expressed interest in ILTER and the idea of enhancing communication on a network scale.

A draft letter of understanding between ILTER and ERIN has recently been exchanged to formalize an effort to utilize the existing ERIN server as a central contact and link to other Australian sites or nodes via the common ILTER WWW home page.