Soil Biodiversity Workshop

Network News Fall 1994, Vol. 16 No. 1
Network News

An invited workshop on soil biodiversity was held at The Natural History Museum in London, August 30- September 1, 1994. British and U.S. scientists (systematists, ecologists and information management specialists) examined approaches to the key questions in soil biodiversity and determined recommendations for integrated studies of soil biodiversity as related to function in ecosystems. Follow-on information will be reported in the Network News.

The workshop was funded to Diana W. Freckman (McMurdo), Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University. Other U.S. participants included:

  • Valerie Behan-Pelletier
  • Caroline Bledsoe (LTER)
  • Tom Duncan
  • Ted Elliott
  • Sheridan Haack
  • Sam James
  • Dan Janzen
  • Leonard Krishtalka
  • Jack Lattin (Andrews)
  • Parke Rublee
  • Tim Seastedt (Niwot)
  • Carol Shearer
  • Kelley Thomas
  • Kristina Vogt (Luquillo)
  • NSF representatives James Edwards and James Gosz.

U.K. representatives included:

  • Co-convenor and host, Steve Blackmore
  • Chris Arme
  • Paul Eggleton
  • David Hawksworth
  • Bill Heal
  • Steve McGrath
  • Richard Thomas
  • Jo Anderson
  • David Bignell
  • Tony O’Donnell
  • Alistair Fitter
  • Jim Harris
  • Jim Lynch
  • Janet Sprent
  • Michael Usher
  • Keith Vickerman
  • Bernard Tinker

Diana V. Freckman, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523, 303-491-1982/6675, 303-491-1965 (Fax),