Ecosystem Management Analysis “ECOMAP” Available

Network News Fall 1994, Vol. 16 No. 1
Network News

A new map entitled “Ecoregions and Subregions of the United States,” edited by Robert G. Bailey and others (1994), is available from the Ecosystem Management Analysis Center at Fort Collins, CO. The full-color, 25” x 36” map is on a scale of 1:7,500,000 and has an Albers Equal Area projection. It is accompanied by a table of map unit descriptions.

A digital version is also available. The data is in ARC-INFO coverage file format and is divided into several directories: Lower 48, Hawaii, and Alaska. The user can manipulate the data into regional and forest maps for further analysis.

The UNIX version is in TAR compression format and is being distributed on 8mm tape. The PC version is in ZIP compression format and can be RISed from the Forest Service Data General system by using mail address WO4A:- STAFF:LMP:BAILEY:ECOMAP.

The file name is ECOMAPPC.EXE and is a self-extracting ZIP file. When uncompressing, use the -d switch in order to retrieve the directories.

To receive information or to obtain the map in hard copy digital form, contact Sarah Hall at 303-498-1768. Forest Service users may contact her at SHall: WO4A.