Grads share their research at MCM annual meeting

Network News Fall 2007, Vol. 20 No. 2

Graduate students from the McMurdo Dry Valleys (MCM) LTER capped off their list of accomplishments with presentations at the annual MCM-LTER science meeting in Boulder, Colorado August 29-31.

Matt Hoffman and Hassan Basagic from Portland State University gave talks on the modeling of glacial meltwater production and quantifying precipitation in the Dry Valleys. Liz Bagshaw from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom exhibited her work on the biogeochemistry of glacial cryoconite holes. Bagshaw, who has also presented her work at the American Geophysical Union and the International Glaciology Society meetings, and Hassan have papers in press in the Journal of Geophysical Research. Marie Sabaka from Montana State University discussed the mechanisms controlling the biodiversity of wind-blown sediment.

Also presenting were two Ohio State University students, Sarah Fortner and Becki Witherow, who gave presentations on the geochemistry of glaciers, streams, and lakes in the MCM. During the period 2006-2007, Fortner was the recipient of the NSF-GK-12 Fellowship that couples science graduate students with elementary school science teachers, while OSU funded Witherow to conduct stable isotope measurements at Oxford University (UK) as part of her dissertation work.

Karen Cozzetto and Lee Stanish, both Ph.D. students at the University of Colorado, also presented their research on climate teleconnections on stream flow and the ecology and evolution of stream diatoms, respectively. As a guest attendant, Lydia Zeglin from the University of New Mexico and the Sevilleta LTER, presented her work on the microbial diversity at lake margins. Congratulations to all of the McMurdo LTER students for great presentations and their numerous accomplishments!