Harvard Forest's Summer Institute for Teachers: ecology research in the schoolyard

Network News Fall 2007, Vol. 20 No. 2

Thirty-six teachers and environmental educators participated in this year's Summer Institute for Teachers at Harvard Forest.

Thirty-three K-12 teachers from throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire came to HF to learn directly from Forest Ecologists, Dr. David Orwig and Dr. John O'Keefe. Staff from the Massachusetts Audubon Society, Plum Island LTER, the Nashua River Watershed Association, and the Boston Science Museum attended the training to learn how to integrate ecological field research into their work with children as well. These participants will, in turn, lead their students in implementing field research beginning in the fall of 2007. Research topics include: Buds, Leaves and Global Warming, and Hemlock Trees and the Pesky Pest, the Woolly Adelgid.