Complete Connectivity

Network News Fall 1989, Vol. 6 No. 1

Over the past few months, NSF and Network Office personnel have been discussing the value of LTER sites achieving “full connectivity” on the Internet computer.

In July, NSF appointed a committee:

  1. Develop a plan to assess the current status of LTER computer connectivity
  2. Contact or visit all sites during the summer and fall of 1989
  3. Collect information on existing equipment
  4. Propose options to improve site connections
  5. Estimate the costs of implementation
  6. Submit a preliminaiy report to the LTER/CC by this October and a final report by December

The committee:

  • James Brunt  (Chair, Sevilleta LTER)
  • Rudolf  Nottrott (LTER Network Office)
  • John Porter (Virginia Coast Reserve  LTER)
  • Robert Robbins (NSF advisor)

Following the first meeting of the committee in Seattle in July, equipment assessment survey forms were mailed to all 17 sites. Currently, the team is visiting sites and completing connectivity assessments.

For more information contact James Brunt (505) 277-9342 or Rudolf Nottrott (206) 543-8492, or both @ “”