Chinese Delegation-LTER Exchange Cancelled

Network News Fall 1989, Vol. 6 No. 1

The previously announced visit by Chinese ecologists to several LTER sites this fall, with an exchange visit of LTER representatives to Chinese sites in fall 1990, has been cancelled until further notice. Soon after the summer’s political upheaval in Beijing, the U.S. State Department issued an advisory against travel to China for NSF grantees. That advisory remains in effect and, until further notice, new awards will not include funds for such travel.

Should this policy change, grantees whose research would have included a visit to China may submit supplemental requsts for travel funds. Grantees holding current grants including travel to China should heed the advisories until fuither notice. Travel of Chinese scientists to the United States is not affected by the policy.

In the case of the LTER program, the Chinese government would have provided roundtrip airfare for the nine representatives of the Chinese Ecological Research Network (CERN), but there was no provision for their expenses while in the United States. When the advisory was issued, Network Office staff were exploring the possibility of obtaining in-countiy travel support from NSF. Funds for LTER Network representatives’ China trip were requested in the second-year LTER collaboration grant proposal to NSF.