New Eco-Informatics Summer Institute at Andrews

Network News Fall 2007, Vol. 20 No. 2
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In summer 2007 the Andrews Forest hosted OSU's first Eco-Informatics Summer Institute. Eco-Informatics is defined as the interaction of mathematics, computer science, engineering, and ecology. It is an emerging field that trains young scientists for careers in this information- and technology-rich world.

Building on the existing Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program in Eco-Informatics at OSU, students undertook research in topics such as forest carbon cycling, air drainages in forests, and forest fires. Thirteen undergraduate students lived and conducted their research at the Andrews Forest for ten weeks.

In addition to interdisciplinary research and education, mentoring, and hands-on experience with field work and data analysis, participants gained the foundation to develop and seek support for their own graduate studies. This National Science Foundation-funded program is coordinated by Desiree Tullos, Biological and Ecological Engineering, OSU. Tullos comments, "The program highlighted the opportunities and challenges of integrating a range of ideas and perspectives, from math and statistics majors to environmental and ecological sciences, and from institutions across the US (Willamette, Univ. of Washington, Illinois, Louisiana State, Maine, Texas, Clarkson, Reed, Stanford, Cal Tech, OSU)."

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Lina DiGregorio is H. J. Andrews's Education Coordinator