LTER Cross-Site Comparisons And International Research Awards

Network News Spring 1995, Vol. 17 No. 1
Network News

May 1994 Special Competition

A 1993 ten-year review of the U. S. LTER Program recommended overall expansion to address more effectively today long-term ecological scientific questions, develop an integrated program chat will provide the basis for defensible environmental decisions and policies, and implement sustainable resource management practices. The National Science Foundation has begun to implement these recommendations through special compecstzons to augment site research, encourage cross-site comparisons and syntheses, and expand the range of scientific disciplines to include the physical and social sciences. Listed in the table below are projects funded as a result of a May 1994 special competition. Project abstracts are available at via Gopher, Mosaic or Netscape software under “Intersite Research and Synthesis, “and some participating sites have posted full proposals on their individual servers.





John D. Aber Harvard Forest LTER and Irish sites

Human Modification of Landscape Function in New England and Ireland. Land Use Legacies and Atmosphere Deposition


36 months

David C.Coleman D.A. Crossley Bruce L. Haines Coweeta, Luquillo LTERs
& La Selva (Costa Rica)

Biodiversity and Decomposition in Mesic Forests: An Across-Site Experimental Study of Biodiversity and Patterns and Processes


36 months

Anne E. Giblin Hubbard Brook No. Temperate Lakes & Arctic Tundra LTERs

Investigating Controls on the Benthic Flux of Nitrogen  
and Phosphorus from Lake Sediments: A Comparative
Ecosystems Approach


36 months

David E. Greenland H.J. Andrews, Niwot Ridge
All LTER sites (including North Inlet, former LTER site)

A Climatic Analysis of Long-Term Ecological Research Sites


18 months

Mark E. Harmon Olga N. Krankina Arthur McKee
Warren B. Cohen
H.J. Andrews LTER & Russian site

Comparison of Long-Term Carbon Dynamics of Two Conifer Ecosystems


24 months

William K. Lauenroth Ingrid C. Burke Central Plains LTER and
Argentinian site

Constraints on Production and Decomposition in Temperate Semiarid Grasslands


36 months

John J. Magnuson Jonathan A. Foley Michael S. Adams Carl J. Bowser, Stith T. Gower North Temperate Lakes and North Highland Lake Distr.

Cross-Site Comparisons, Syntheses and Internationalization: LTER-NTL Site


36 months

Dennis S. Ojima Arvin R. Mosier LTER & Other sites

Trace Gas Cross-Site Comparison: A TRAGNET Project


36 months

W. Ed. Whitelaw Paul N. Courant Six LTER sites

Forested Ecosystems and Regional Economies: Describing, Explaining and Communicating the Relationships


36 months

National Science Foundation