Graduate Student Fellowships

Network News Spring 1995, Vol. 17 No. 1

In an effort to promote cross-site studies and graduate student research within the LTER Program, the Central Plains Experimental Range (CPR), Harvard Forest (HFR) and LTER sites are offering graduate student fellowships annually beginning in 1995 for research conducted at the sites. Harvard Forest expects to offer three fellowships annually, CPR up to two. Although collaboration with scientists at the sponsoring sites is desirable, investigations of processes or phenomena not currently studied at the sites is strongly encouraged.

Fellowships for a maximum of $3,500 will be made on a one-time basis and can be applied toward travel, stipend, housing and research costs. Applicants are required to provide a project description and an itemized budget, an expected products list, and a letter of support from the thesis advisor. Fellowship recipients will be required to provide host sites with a copy of all data and publications, including the original thesis or dissertation, and acknowlegement of support in all products resulting from the work. Applications are due February 1 of each year.

By press time, one fellowship had been awarded to Jude Jardine (who works with Bruce Haines at Coweeta) for research at Harvard Forest this summer. The project involves examination of the germination of woody species in response to changing light environments at three sites:

  • Luquillo
  • Harvard Forest
  • Coweeta

For specific information on 1996 application: CPR—Debra Coffin, Department of Rangeland Ecosystem Science and Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO 80523,; HFR—David Foster, Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA 01366,