Publications on LTER

Network News Fall 1997, Vol. 20 No. 1

A Science "Research News" piece (273:1045-1046, August 23, 1996) entitled "Exploring Biodiversity’s Benefits" described recent results in the biodiversity experiments at the Cedar Creek LTER Site. The article drew upon a talk David Tilman gave at the annual Ecological Society of America meeting.

Chinn, H. and C. Bledsoe. Internet access to ecological information: The U.S. LTER all-site bibliography project. BioScience (1997 in press).

An article by LTER Chair, James R. Gosz entitled "International Term Ecological Research: Priorities and Opportunities" will appear in the October issue of Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

In "Running on Tundra" writer, David Berreby describes ecological research at Toolik Lake, the Arctic Tundra LTER site. The article appeared in the June 1996 edition of Discover Magazine Volume 17, Number 6, page 74.