New Graduate Student Committee Chair

Network News Fall 1997, Vol. 20 No. 1
Network News

As of October 1, 1996 Reed Perkins (H.J. Andrews) and Janet Fischer completed their tenure as co-chairs of the LTER Graduate Student Committee. Emma Rosi (Coweeta) is now the new chair. In the past year, Reed and Janet worked together to maintain the Student Email Group ( and to oversee the Cross-Site Awards.

Student Email Group

The student email group has been used to distribute information about gradute funding opportunities, jobs openings, and the activites of the Graduate Student Group to the nearly 100 members. To be added, students may send a message to

Cross-Site Awards

Janet and Reed oversaw two competitions for Graduate Student Cross-Site Travel Awards. In February 1996, awards were presented to two students:

  • Tamara Minnick (Central Plains Experimental Range) for her research comparing two C4 perennial grasses in North American grasslands
  • L. Dwight Floyd (Central Plains Experimen- tal Range) for his research on local adaptation of tapeworm parasites in ground squirrels

In July 1996, Emma Rosi (Coweeta) received a Graduate Student Cross-Site Travel Award to support her research on food resources for aquatic invertebrate production along two river continua. In addition, Brian Dail (Coweeta) and Christina Wright (Coweeta) received a Harvard Forest Cross-site Fellowship to study nutrient pools and the detrital food web in mixed hardwood forest soils.

As they step down, Janet and Reed are grateful to LTER graduate students for their interest, ideas and participation, and to the LTER community for their support. They look forward to Emma’s leadership as the LTER Graduate Student Committee Chair.

The committee continues to facilitate communication among graduate students and create opportunities for intersite research.

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