New Books Promote LTER

Network News Spring 1999, Vol. 12 No. 1

As LTER matures, its stories become clearer, easier to relate, and meaningful to more people both inside and outside the Network. Several new books exemplify the LTER concept for general audiences.

In The Hidden Forest (Henry Holt, 1999) author Jon Luoma discusses how the long-term, multi-disciplinary study of the Andrews Forest in Oregon has incurred profound changes in understanding of and appreciation for the delicate balances of the natural world.

Two new publications contribute to ambitious restoration ecology efforts in Massachusetts.

Thoreau’s Country (Henry Holt, 1999) by David Foster (HFR) relates the importance of long-term perspectives in ecology to a general readership, using excerpts from the pastoralist’s own journal to reconstruct landscapes from New England’s agricultural apex.

Historical Influences on the Landscape of Martha’s Vineyard (President and Fellows of Harvard College, 1999) by Foster and Glenn Motzkin, describes a plan to conserve the island’s historic sandplain ecosystem by clearing or introducing a burn regime to the coniferous forest established there earlier this century. Please see pages 22-23 for an extensive list of recent LTER publications.